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Make use of these Cool Free Software

Gr8ly Task Manager:

  • You can create boards and collaborate with people.
  • You can assign tasks to people.
  • You can add a checklist to your tasks.
  • The task structure generates a Hierarchy.
  • The task structure generates a Diagram.
  • You can give feedback on tasks.
  • Also Available on Google Play.

Gr8ly Symbol Manager:

  • You can create your own Custom Keyboard for Android.
  • You can create multiple layouts and swap between them.
  • You can add all the newest Emoji's.
  • Sync the layouts to multiple devices.
  • Change the height and width of keys.
  • Change the number of rows and keys per row.
  • Also Available on Google Play.

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Since 2012, we have developed software for Open Source purposes and we Strive to make all our Products as FREE as possible